FoxFarm Lucky Dog K-9 3.8CF [30 per Pallet]

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Lucky Dog® K-9 Kube® Growers Blend

Ready-to-use and pH adjusted to ensure optimum nutrient availability for plants.

This light airy blend of peat moss and perlite is the answer to every gardener’s success. How do you get good water retention as well as good drainage? The K-9 Kube® has it all: pedigree ingredients, mycorrhizal fungi and crazy wicked earthworm castings. This ultra-premium Growers Blend is formulated to optimize nutrient availability to plants.

Lucky Dog® Growers Blend comes right out of the bale loaded with beneficial microbes that expand root development, which provides more opportunity for nutrient availability. The end result may enhance fruit and flower production. There is a vigorous boost of earthworm castings into every batch of Lucky Dog® Growers Blend. Earthworm castings are alive! A healthy earthworm culture is bursting with regenerative organic material that plants thrive on.

Use Lucky Dog® for rooted cuttings and young plant starts for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. Plant directly into Lucky Dog® Growers Blend. Howling Good Stuff!®


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