LeafLab Mini

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Growing inside shouldn’t be as challenging as growing outside. But it is! You have to pick the right size and strength light for your grow tent or cabinet. Then you need an exhaust system and you have to get all the parts to fit together. Shouldn’t environmental control be the easy part of growing inside?!

Well, LeafLab has the answer. The new LeafLab Mini is a combination light and exhaust system with controls that allow you to monitor and change the environment from your smartphone. Each of the two 100w Ultra-High Efficiency COB LEDs has a different spectrum to account for the needs of both flowering and vegetative growth. The LeafLab Mini is effective in spaces up to 9 square feet. Need more or less light? There’s a auxiliary outlet for a supplemental light that can handle an additional 200w and the existing LEDs can be dimmed to 50w total.

Beta testers of the LeafLab Mini say they have fewer environmental issues. They note how easy the app is to use and how well the exhaust system keeps the smell and pollen from escaping the environment. But the most important feedback we’ve received is that the quality of what our testers grow has been outstanding.

So now you can actually take a (small) vacation during your indoor garden’s growth cycle. You can relax knowing that the LeafLab Mini will keep an eye on your crop - and control the environment - wherever you are!

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