Enzymes Komplete

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Enzymes Komplete™ is uniquely designed to clean, cleanse and recondition.


It is ideal for cleaning and reconditioning systems. For reconditioning procedures it is recommended that the cleaning solution should be 3-4 ml per one litre or 15-16 ml per gallon. Proceed with cleaning procedure and soak the media and leave for not less than 24 hours. The longer you leave to soak the better your cleaning results. If one cleaning procedure will not deliver the desired results please repeat the same cleaning application once or twice more.

Cleaning and Cleansing Growing Systems

The cleaning procedures for growing systems should be similar to the cleaning and cleansing procedures used with other media and the cleaning solution that exits after cleaning must be discarded and not used again. Reusing flushed cleaning solution it will reintroduce all unwanted salts minerals and pathogens that need to be cleaned and cleansed out of the system.

Cleaning Water Pumps, Piping, Dosing Systems

To clean your hand tools and instruments, it is recommended that the tools and instruments need to be soaked in 3-4 ml Litre of Enzymes Komplete™ (for one gallon of Water) Tools and instruments should be left in solution for 24 hours to obtain the best results Cleaning water supply systems, water capacities and reservoirs and any and all equipment including water pumps, piping, dosing systems and drip emitters.

Drip Emitters

With taking into consideration that drip emitters have a common problem of high maintenance due to very small microscopic spray openings which are almost impossible to keep clean and efficient, with the use of Enzymes Komplete the problem of “dirty emitters that do not release water” will be solved at once.

Cloning Machines

For Cloning Machines to clean away salt and mineral and chemical build up it will be strongly recommended to use enzymes complete at a rate of 2ml per Litre of water ( 8ml of Enzymes Komplete for one gallon of water) By using Enzymes Komplete in your cloning machine, you will avoid endangering systems with chemical/mineral cross contamination.

General Maintenance

To avoid surface accumulation of chemical/organic scaling on hard surfaces and equipment, the regular and continuous use of Enzymes Komplete is recommended in conjunction with all water procedures including reservoirs and nutrient changes and throughout all growing stages.


Measure well & accurately with a basic medical syringe or dropper.

Mixed with Water in the rate of :

2Mil. of Enzymes Komplete™ per 1liter of water | 8ml per 1US Gallon for all Gardening Cleaning & Cleansing Procedures.

*Often 1ml of Enzymes Komplete™ per 1liter of water/4ml per 1US Gallon well be sufficient.

3Mil. of Enzymes Komplete™ per 1liter of water | 12ml per 1US Gallon for all Extra Heavy Gardening Cleaning & Cleansing Procedures.

4Mil. of Enzymes Komplete™ per 1Liter of water| 16ml per 1US Gallon for all Gardening Mediums , Surfaces & Compost Enclosures.

Recommended use for the best results to keep Watering Systems Clean with Every Watering Procedure.

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