Floraflex Quickfill Expandable Coco Bags

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QuickFill™ organic coco bags come with a pre-drilled center hole for a 40|40 plug or small plant, and two smaller holes for your micro drip stakes, both make expansion and transplanting a breeze. Setup your bags, plug the stakes in the holes, expand all at once, and transplant. It really is that simple. Pre-filled and Drilled for Convenience and Speed When you're growing a high volume of plants in hydroponic conditions, speed, convenience, and consistency are key. These grow bags come pre-filled with organic coco coir, with a pre-filled center hole for your clone and two pre-drilled holes for your Micro Dripper Assemblies for easy transplant and expansion. High-grade, OMRI Certified Organic Coco Coir Coco coir is widely recognized to be one of the best growing mediums on the market. Its ability to retain high levels of moisture, coupled with a good amount of aeration, makes it ideal for indoor plants. The pH is favorable for plant growth, and it holds on to nutrients, preventing them from being leached out when additional moisture is added. Hydration is rapid - the coir soaks up moisture quickly, eliminating the problems that can occur when plant roots are left to lie in pools of water. Once hydrated, the coir doesn't shrink, and it's a material that lasts well. Once your plants are embedded, they can stay in the coco coir gro-bag right the way through the growing and flowering season, until your crop is harvested. Quickfill™ Bag | 1 Gallon 60% Water Holding Capacity - Coco Coir Bricks for Plants If you need a convenient way of planting out a large crop, you can't go far wrong with Quickfill™ Bag | 1 Gallon Coco Coir Expandable blocks. These durable growing bags, filled with premium coir, are the perfect substrate for any hydroponics crop you want to thrive Directions for Use We recommend expanding the QuickFills with the FloraFlex 2-Way(0.3gph per stake) Micro Dripper Assembly system. Step 1: Make your reservoir using Week 1 veg formula. (V1:V2:Root Drip, 5g:5g:5 mL per gallon) Step 2: Lay the QuickFills out on your table, placing one drip stake in each of the pre-drilled holes of the QuickFill cubes. Step 3: Turn on the irrigation system for 75-90minutes or until 60% water holding capacity is achieved. Step 4: Insert your Incubator Plugs into the QuickFills pre-drilled center hole, when they have reached 1/2 expansion. Push coco over top of the Incubator cube to cover it. See Our 1 Gallon QuickFill Crop Steering Guide for more details on irrigation strategies.
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