Nugsmasher XP Rosin Press

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The NugSmasher® XP Patent-Technology Rosin Press Machine stands as a paragon in the world of solventless extraction, setting a new benchmark for what can be expected from a top-tier rosin press machine. Meticulously designed to cater to both enthusiasts and professionals, the NugSmasher® XP is more than just a rosin machine; it’s a comprehensive solution for creating the best concentrates with ease and precision.


Powerful Pressure Control with App Integration: The NugSmasher® XP prides itself on offering 12 tons of manually controlled pressure, meticulously engineered for precision. This powerful press is capable of handling up to 28 grams with exceptional accuracy. The standout feature of the XP is its synergy with the NugSmasher app, which allows users to measure the precise surface area pressure during each extraction. This integration ensures not only accuracy in extraction but also optimizes yield and quality, making the process more efficient and user-friendly. This advanced functionality positions the NugSmasher® XP as a leader in its class, offering a tech-savvy solution for enthusiasts and professionals seeking control and precision in their solventless extractions.


Enhanced Smash Plates: The press features 6” x 4” quad heated smash plates, crafted from 6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminum. These plates are designed to ensure an even and effective heat distribution during the extraction process.


Built-in High-Quality LED Lights: Illuminating the extraction area, the built-in LED lights enhance visibility and precision during operation.


Superior Yield Gauge: The precise pressure gauge on the NugSmasher® XP is integral to achieving superior extraction yields, allowing for fine-tuned pressure adjustments. Works with NugSmasher App for precise surface area measurement 


Versatile Bag Compatibility: Compatible with 3.5, 7, and 14-gram extraction bags and custom sizes, the XP is versatile, catering to all extraction sizes and preferences.


Robust Construction: Constructed with Solid Structural Steel, this press is built for durability and long-lasting performance.


Quad Heating Elements: Each of the quad heating elements boasts 160 watts, ensuring accurate and consistent temperature control throughout the extraction process.


Advanced Temperature Control: The XP features accurate temperature control, vital for maintaining the integrity and quality of the rosin.


Safety-Oriented Design: With circuit protection and a fast retract plate release, the machine prioritizes user safety without compromising on performance.


Manual Pump Arm: The manual pump arm offers users complete control over the extraction process, enhancing the hands-on experience.


American Craftsmanship: Proudly designed and manufactured in America, the NugSmasher® XP reflects a commitment to domestic production and high-quality standards.


Lifetime Guarantee: The XP comes with a lifetime guarantee, a testament to NugSmasher’s confidence in their product’s durability and performance.

Dedicated Support and Assurance:

Receive expert assistance with our 5-day-a-week factory customer support, available from 8 am to 5 pm MST


Easy Plug-and-Play System: This user-friendly system is ready to operate right out of the box, making it accessible to both beginners and experienced users.


Proprietary Methodology and Patent Technology: Incorporating NugSmasher’s exclusive extraction methodologies and patented technologies, the XP ensures a consistent, efficient, and high-quality rosin extraction experience. The patent design and interlocking frame insures 0 deflection ensuring consistent quality concentrates with repeatable results. 


The NugSmasher® XP is more than just a rosin press; it’s a fusion of advanced technology, robust construction, and meticulous design, all aimed at simplifying the rosin extraction process while maximizing yield and quality. “Rosin Made Simple”® is not just a tagline; it’s the core philosophy behind this innovative machine.


Nugsmasher XP Manual

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