Root Royale Coco/Perlite Mix 50L

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The Royale family is growing! We bring to you Root Royale CocoLite. This blend of Coco and Perlite is a perfect mix for your garden! Consisting of aged and washed coco and blended with 30% perlite, this medium gives you optimal absorption and drainage. No more mixing your medium on the floor and making a mess, just fill and grow. The coco coir consists of 45% cellulose material (which prevents compacting/decomposing) and the perlite adds extra room for your roots to go wild. The perlite also helps salts make their way to the bottom of the pot and out of your medium! Root Royale Cocopure and Cocolite are RHP certified and have very low EC values, giving you the best control on your feedings and helping to achieve consistent results in the garden! It is no surprise that people are loco for our coco. Give CocoLite a try and see your plants flourish to their true potential!

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