Sunpack Heavy Duty MEGA Tray 10 In x 20 In x 2.3 Inch

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Mega Propagation Tray REUSABLE - Double thick

Food grade -- Made from virgin, food-grade BPA-free plastic
Built from ultra-tough, top-grade BPA-free black plastic .88" thick
These trays are big enough for not just seed germination, but also seedling/small plant development
No drain holes -- These trays are watertight, which retains runoff and saves you time when caring for plants
Trays are multi-purpose, reusable, and can be used in indoor gardening, greenhouses, for wheatgrass and microgreens cultivation, small hydroponics applications and more

Fits perfectly with most 2", 4", and 7" tall humidity domes and seedling tray/plug inserts, as well as with all 10" x 20" seedling heat mats

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