10lb Pasturized Substrate

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Our pasteurized substrate is a perfect blend of raw choice materials, hydrated to the right field capacity and then pasteurized to be used as a robust and healthy medium for mycelium to strive in, thus creating a fruiting block.

10 lbs. of substrate is bagged in a XL gusseted .5 micron mycological bag by Unicorn Bags, sealed, pasteurized, allowed to cool down and then ready to use!



*Best if used within first 2 weeks of receiving. *Room Temp/Cooler Best

(Have Spawn Ready or Near Ready for Use)

If saving for a later date: Place in FREEZER & thaw well before use.

(Recommended ratio for 10 lbs of Substrate: Add 4-5QTS of colonized grain into the bag, seal top with clean air inside and mix OR dump and mix substrate into clean container(s) with colonized grain OR use as a garden soil for all kinds of flowers and vegetables).

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