FloraFlex Loosefill Coco Perlite Mix 70/30 50 Liter Bag

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With its unsurpassed texture, porosity, and high cation-exchange capacity, Floraflex® LooseFill Coco (50L) Bag | 70/30 Blend creates the perfect growing environment. The Floraflex® LooseFill Coco and perlite mix is a premium plant growth media that serves as an excellent alternative to potting soil and other conventional growing mediums. Coconut coir, derived from the fiber of coconut husks, is an eco-friendly plant growing media. Floraflex® LooseFill Coco (50L) Bag | 70/30 Blend incorporates 70% of the finest coco peat and fiber blend, along with 30% perlite, to ensure improved aeration and drainage. This enhanced aeration and increased drainage capacity empowers gardeners to feed their plants more aggressively without concerns of overwatering.

See our Crop Steering Guides for tips on how to irrigate. 

Directions for Use:
Break LooseFill apart and fill your PotPro.

Water to runoff with a 1.6 - 2.0 EC vegetative solution or week 1 of the Full Tilt™ Feeding Schedule. And if you use any, this is also a great time to inoculate your medium with your desired microbials.

Download the FloraFlex® How To Grow Guide! For additional information, click How To Grow.

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