Green Scissor Headlamp Beanie

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The Green Scissor Headlamp Beanie



  • Comfortable beanie hat with integrated headlamp
  • Toggle between GREEN or WHITE light
  • Soft GREEN light lets plants chill. WHITE light lets you see what you need to see.
  • Two light intensity settings for each color light
  • Lamp unit is USB charged
  • Lightweight
  • Four (4) LED lights with up to 120 Lumens
  • Unisex, one size fits all, acrylic beanie
  • Great for camping, nighttime excursions, festivals, more.
  • Once in awhile you get shown the light — and it's in a beanie!

Excellent head mounted lighting without the weight and discomfort of traditional headlamps! The Green Scissor Headlamp Beanies are really comfortable! Use the Headlamp Beanie for nighttime excursions into the garden, while camping, putting the chickens in and more! The Green Scissor Headlamp Beanie is USB powered — charge it at your computer, in your car or with any USB charging device. The light contains 4 LED bulbs and offers a 3 hour run time at full charge. It takes about 90 minutes to recharge it depending on your device.

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