HD Base

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VEG+BLOOM HD Makes Nutrition Simple

HD (Hard/Dirty) is formulated with a combination of hard water, and soil formulations.

  • Best for Rock Wool, Hydroton, or other inert hydroponic growing media
  • Exclusive Calcium/Magnesium Formulation
  • Amplifies drought tolerance
  • Stimulated immune response


HD is built with a combination of components from our TAP/HARD and DIRTY formulas. Best for rock wool, grow stones, and other inert hydroponic media. HD Also contains a bio-ploymer matrix for sustaining growth between irrigations and a new CA+MG compound to help out those super hungry picky phonos. In addition, it reduces water usage and overall waste, it amplifies drought tolerance and immune responses by….Grow your garden in High Definition.USE WITH +LIFE and +SIZE for optimum results. NOTE: This product contains organic ingredients, therefore may result in undissolved sediment and biofilm. For a completely soluble formula, see RO/SOFT and TAP/HARD

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