Vital Earth Compost 1 CF

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For a lush, healthy garden, look no further than Organic Vitality Compost. Formulated with organic materials, it naturally enriches your soil and encourages strong, vibrant plants. Experience the difference organic compost can make in your garden – and let your plants show you the benefits. A premium quality organic compost. Organic compost derived from plant material Using the highest quality compost is a crucial building block for the health of your soil A key ingredient in compost tea Excellent for amending soil and top dressing Increases microorganisms in soil Available in: ?1 cu. ft. bag / 2 yd. tote (call for price) INGREDIENTS 100% aged plant and forest material APPLICATION RATE Organic Vitality Compost can be applied liberally. It is excellent for amending new, used or native soils. For best results, use compost at a rate of up to 20% in soil mix. For compost tea, use at a rate of 4 cups per 55 gallons of water. Please store in a cool dry place, out of direct sunlight, and properly reseal after use.
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