Vital Roots Soluble 1LB

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A vigorous species of mycorrhizal fungi in a soluble form.

Vital Roots Soluble is a certified organic specialized mycorrhizal fungus, designed to boost the root system of plants and promote strong, healthy growth. The soluble powder helps ensure optimal absorption of essential nutrients into the root system.

  • A soluble mycorrhizal powder
  • Creates a healthy environment for a plant’s rhizosphere
  • Add to compost tea immediately before application
  • Enhances root structure
  • Increases the plant's ability to assimilate nutrients

Available in: 1 lb. / 5 lb. / 20 lb.


Rhizophagus Intraradices (Glomus Intraradices)–250 propagules per gram


Apply Vital Roots liberally to root or soil zone for optimal transplanting success. Add compost tea as the last step (in last hour) prior to application at a rate of 1 tbsp. per gallon.


Please store in a cool dry place, out of direct sunlight, and properly reseal after use

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